Meet the Band

Ras Ronny Irie Noel
Lead Vocals/Djembe
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies

The founder and deeply spiritual leader of The Irie Still band, Mr. Noel has traveled extensively promoting his cause of music in service of world peace and unity.As an Alumni of the prestigious Naparima "boys" College in San Fernando Trinidad, he received part of his early training and introduction to the performing arts. Ronny is the focal point of Irie Still, commanding the stage and inviting the audience into the experience. Proficient in African, Caribbean, and Latin drums along with various other percussion instruments, Ronny has developed his unmistakable rapport and charismatic style while performing before live audiences in Trinidad and Tobago since age nine, drawing music lovers consistently and enthusiastically to every show. His strong social convictions, belief in humanity, and spirituality meld uniquely with his performance. It is impossible for listeners not to dance and be inspired. Mr. Noel is an unstoppable force of music.

Brother John Miles
Keyboard/Backing Vocals
Kalamazoo Michigan

Started out by performing music as a boy in Kalamazoo Michigan and has grown into multi -talent artist who is proficient a variety of instruments including organ, piano, trumpet, percussion and melodica. John's musical repertoire ranges from Reggae, Ska, Funk, Americana and Blues. His true passion however lies in the heart and soul of Reggae/World music. His perfectionism and understanding of musical nuances gives his instrument that crucial balance between voice and melody. John is very thorough, and has an eye for detail when providing the rhythmic dressing that is so important in this style of music. has been actively involved in the local Boulder/Denver music scene with various acts since 2000. He brings a sense of tribalism and originality to the Irie Still ensemble. His unmistakable style and cool persona is virtually unfettered by the strains of any one musical direction, he lends a pure and honest yet excitingly intriguing addition to Irie Still. When John is not playing music he enjoys restoring vintage Rhodes Pianos and Hammond organs.

Chris Harris
Bass Guitar
Gary, Indiana

Having performed in many different musical settings with a wide range of national and international artist's. Chris has "Run the Gamut" . Chris has performed with a well known circus as well as on various tv networks, theater, musicals, and dance ensembles.but still finds Irie Still to be one of the most inspiring. He is a lively performer with rock solid bass lines. Trained in Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Reggae, Ska, WorldBeat, Afro Cuban/Latin styles, Gospel, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Polkas, and more. He fluidly moves around the beat, augmenting and supporting the basement of Irie Still. Chris successfully extends the creative energies within the group; his bass is strong, powerful and extremely honest, providing the undercurrent that links the band with the audience. His distinctive style on stage moves him easily between the focal point and a background whisper. Chris is a gifted musical director, as well as a writer, arranger, and producer. He brings a strong and controlled groove to any style of music. And is a powerful asset to have on the Irie Still musical project.

Ray Cruz
Congas, Timbale, Hand Percussion, Backing Vocals
Hermosa Beach, California
Mescalero Apache Nation

With his Mescelero Apache lineage and upbringing, he was set on the course to fulfill his destiny as a student of Native American Spiritual Ways and is now a Metaphysician who uses his knowledge as a medium to heal. He has already given two decades of faithful service to this cause. Only Ray Cruz has the power and ability to bring love and light, for humanity's sake, into every performance. Also, an avid traditional Native American dancer, he is a mover and shaker on and off stage, paying homage to the universe in the process. His infectious percussive beats drive the groove and provide the icing for the Irie Still cake. Ray was once the opening act for Buju Banton, Third World, El Chicano and The Four Tops. He is also well known for his numerous institutional performances at schools, prisons, churches and other civic affairs across the country.

Rafael Brito
Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coming from a primarily South American musical background, As one of the newest additions to the Irie Still ensemble, Rafael brings a fresh attitude and tone to Irie Still, while maintaining the utmost standards and techniques used in roots reggae and other Caribbean music. He began playing professionally at a very young age. Since the beginning of his music career he has been described as a "Secret Weapon", playing for top notch acts in his native Brazil. With an incredibly distinct sound and style of playing, he remains one of Denver's best kept secrets. Rafael is equally proficient in both Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar. He is influenced strongly by Carnaval, Samba, Bossa Nova, Tropicalismo, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Funk. Being the quintessential virtuoso and professional that he is. Above all, he strives to pour his soul into every show, no matter where he is or with whom he might be playing. Rafael is fluent in Portugese, Spanish and English.

Dawta Celena "Los C" Otero
Alias Mone', Los
Backing and Lead Vocals
Denver, Colorado

Celena Mone' has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her vocals describe the symphony of emotions, the orchestra of joy that stirs within our innermost souls. Her energy and poise brings to us all that we ever thought we could have. To describe Celena, is to describe the overture of happiness we are all capable of. The sound of her voice touches our hearts with the vibrant strings of her passion and embrace. Hers is the vibe that we've dreamed of for so long. A touch we feel only in our wildest fantasies, the type of presence that only came to us on the wing of a prayer as we enjoyed the quiet whisperings of a dream…. She is self taught and is also a gifted basketball player. Her commitment to basketball is what caused this to be her first musical endeavor. Celena was a Division 1 starting point guard basketball player for the University of Denver. Now she prefers the stage to the court. Celena loves being a member of Irie Still. She has a wide variety of musical influences and capabilities which fits in perfect with the Irie Still band. From R&B to Jazz to Hip Hop to Reggae/World Afro-Beat Celena loves music, people and performing, she would say "it's life."

Tom Siegel
Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Los Angeles, California

Tom attempted to grow up in Los Angeles, but has spent most of his life in the Southwest. He fell in love with reggae music in 1984 when he happened to wander into a Steel Pulse concert. He plays trumpet, sings and tries to write music occasionally. Tom played with a reggae band he founded in New Mexico in 1985 called Cool Runnins, Irie Still band Leader Ronny Noel was also a member of Cool Runnins. then played with a ska band out of Albuquerque called Giant Steps. He loves Irie Still for the amazing rhythms, big horn section and camaraderie of the musicians. Tom and Ronny once were roomates back in the early 90's in Albuquerque New Mexico, and they continue to enjoy a twenty four year friendship. Tom join up with his old bredren and The Irie Still Band in the Fall of 2013.

Andrew Cepeda
Denver, Colorado

Andrew has been playing drums since he was a child, and has been learning, practicing, and performing ever since. While in high school, Andrew was an active member in concert band, jazz band, and marching band, and he also served as an occasional accompanist for several choirs. He went on to study the art of percussion as a full time student at The Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA, where he mastered all styles of drumming with an emphasis on Latin and World rhythms. During that time, he performed with many different artists in some of LA's top venues like the Cat Club, The Whiskey, and BB King's, produced a Brazilian jazz album, and recorded with a pop artist whose single would later be featured on a major motion picture soundtrack. When Andrew moved back to Denver in 2006, he took a small hiatus from the music business to try his hand at other professions in a search to find his true inner self. What he realized is that the drums are an undeniably integral part of his life that make him who he is today, so he made a decision to devote himself to his trap drum kit and he became totally immersed in the quest to make the offbeat a part of his soul. Andrew is known for his uncanny near perfect metronomic timing and ambidextrous abilities. With influences like Gary Chester, Chad Sexton, and Clyde Stubblefield, Andrew seeks to blend machine-like accuracy with a phatty, groovy, chillax feel of the melting pot of cultural music styles. In the future, Andrew looks to incorporate the use of electronic drum pads and sequencers into his playing to even further bride the gap between humans and computers. His unique style of playing segue beautifully with the Afro/Caribbean beats, bringing a clever mix of familiarity and novelty into the new Irie Still beat.

Kyle Etges
Denver, Colorado

Kyle is a saxophonist, percussionist, composer, and educator in Denver, CO. He began playing music in 5th grade band, and has been playing in his own musical projects since he was 13 years old. Kyle graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2012 from the University of Northern Colorado, with a double major in Music Education and Jazz Studies. He joined Irie Still in June 2014. Kyle was honored to play with the UNC Jazz Lab Band One for three years, under the direction of Dana Landry. Through this ensemble and the Greeley Jazz Festival, Kyle has played with amazing performers such as the New York Voices, the Clayton Brothers, Jeff Coffin, Donny McCaslin, Benny Green, Jeff Hamilton, and many others. He was also selected amongst two other musicians in a national contest to play with the Lionel Hampton Youth Orchestra at the 2012 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho. Kyle can also be seen playing with his group Contraband, as well as The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Citizen Dan, Highway 50, Mass Hipsteria, Saved by Aliens, and The Messers. Kyle has toured across the west coast for three years in a row with Contraband and the now defunct Ska Skank Redemption, as well as for three weeks in Romania with UNC Lab Band One. Kyle is currently the woodwind teaching artist and volunteer coordinator at El Sistema Colorado at Garden Place Elementary, an after school music program for at-risk youth in Denver. He currently resides in Denver with three roommates and his cat, Ianto. Kyle’s schedule doesn’t leave much downtime, but when applicable Kyle enjoys science fiction television, specialty coffee, and getting bitten and/or scratched by his cat.